3D Christmas Jumpers

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3D Christmas Jumpers

3D Christmas Jumpers are just about the wackiest, tackiest and out-there Christmas Jumpers that you could possibly hope to wear during the 2014 Christmas holidays.  This year, we’ll be travelling the world in search of all of the novelty items and add-ons that will help us to create some amazing 3D Christmas Jumpers ready to launch in October 2014.

What is a 3D Christmas Jumper?

A 3D Christmas Jumper is basically a jumper with various elaborate details that add a whole new, and frankly bloody awful dimension to what would otherwise be a standard acrylic Christmas jumper.

For example, some of the ideas which we are exploring include 3D Christmas jumpers with reindeer antlers which extrude from the shoulder of the jumper so that the bells on the antlers jingle whilst you strut your stuff in your festive sweater. We also like the idea of 3D carrots which poke out of the front of your Christmas jumper to give a 3D snowman effect.

There are tons of ideas that we’re playing with, and we’re looking forward to talking with 3D item suppliers to find out exactly which 3D Christmas Jumpers work best for Christmas 2014.

What will 3D Christmas Jumpers cost?

We’re not entirely sure yet, but we’ll be working hard to make sure that our 3D Christmas Jumpers are reasonably priced, after all, 3D Christmas Jumpers are a novelty item, usually only worn a few times throughout the Christmas holidays so we understand that our 3D Christmas Jumper pricing needs to reflect this.

Can I suggest some 3D Christmas Jumper designs that The Christmas Jumpers Co might consider?

Definitely, we always welcome our customers input and feedback when it comes to Christmas jumper designs. Last year we had loads of great comments and feedback which helped us to put together and stock only our most popular designs and styles. We’d love to hear your ideas relating to 3D Christmas Jumpers in exactly the same way, and we’ll work towards making your 3D Christmas Jumper ideas are real, tangible