5 ways to upcycle a Christmas jumper

A Christmas jumper addiction is nothing to be ashamed of; stand tall and proud Christmas jumper lovers! Here at The Christmas Jumper Co., we know you truly love your festive knits, so we’ve put together a few ideas to upcycle those jumpers from Christmases past.

The perfect hot water bottle cover

After cutting the arms off your preloved jumper, place your water bottle in the middle. Cut around the bottle, leaving the neck in tact. Remember to leave enough material to hem the edges – an inch should do fine. Simply stretch the neck to get the bottle in and out.

A Christmas bobble hat

For this, you will need one of the sleeves. Hem the top and bottom – a blanket stitch would be perfect. If you can’t sew, use a good quality fabric glue; you could use a contrasting yarn. Then tie a knot in one end, or make a pom-pom to complete the look. Fabric left over? Then why not make a matching hat for a teddy bear or doll?

A bottle holder

Now you need the other sleeve. The bottom of your bag must be firmly stuck or sewn together. Before you cut it to size, remember to check the size of your bottle. Pop it inside, and tie the top with ribbon or raffia.

Revamp your baubles

Lie your jumper on a flat surface and cut single layers of jumper at least twice the diameter of your bauble. Use a plate or cup as a template and completely wrap the fabric around the bauble. You should be able to then bunch it together at the top. Tie with ribbon, or for a more rustic look, garden twine. These will look fantastic either hung on a Christmas tree, or as a table decoration.

A Christmassy pet bed

Make an easy pet bed by cutting the arms off the jumper. Sew up the bottom of the jumper and the gaps left from cutting off the arms. Stuff with an animal friendly stuffing and finally, sew up the neck.

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by The Christmas Jumpers Co

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