Do your bit for charity this Christmas!

red tunic christmas jumper

Raising money for charity by running long distances or jumping off insanely high bridges is all well and good if you’ve got the time, energy and courage to do so. For those that haven’t then rest assured there are still some really effortless ways to raise a bit of money for charity and before you run screaming for the oven gloves and apron, we don’t mean baking either.

You can give yourself that lovely inner glow that comes from knowing you’ve done something good for humanity without getting covered in flour and leaving your kitchen looking like a bomb site.

Making money from the clothes you choose to wear isn’t just something glamorous celebrities strutting down red carpets can do. With the rise in popularity of Christmas Jumper days in workplaces all over the world, we can all make a little cash for charity, just by pulling a cheerful Christmas jumper over our heads!

With our new range of novelty jumpers for 2015, now available online, choosing the best fundraising jumper couldn’t be easier. With employers often holding fun competitions offering additional prizes and cash to go in the charity pot for the best Christmas jumper, let The Christmas Jumpers Co help put you in the lead.

We have a wonderful range of unisex jumpers, women’s Christmas jumpers and 3D Christmas jumpers too! We stock every type of Christmas themed novelty jumper available; from reindeer to Fair Isle, there really is something to suit everyone’s style and budget.

Our brand is not only fun and festive but offers you all the goodness and decency that Christmas instils. Our business is built both on incredibly high quality knits, as well as impeccable customer care. Our good reputation proceeds us both nationally and internationally and we ship our knits to you globally.

With all these great advantages in mind, the only thing standing between you feeling like a superhero in a fantastically enviable piece of novelty knitwear is choosing the right jumper and a charity to raise money for!

by The Christmas Jumpers Co

Christmas jumpers for the whole family for 2014 from the team at Jumpers for Christmas Ltd.